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Wunderino test – even slot machines have to be checked for their health!

Wunderino test: A test of the slot machines guarantees that they run correctly and reliably. Who hasn’t seen electronics fail? Computers that give up or cell phones that simply freeze and restart. Such behavior would be unforgivable with slot machines. Wunderino and all other gambling halls prefer to prevent these incidents instead of dealing with symptoms afterwards, so all games are always checked for problems.

Wunderino slot machines are always tested behind the scenes

A random number generator (RNG) is a computer chip that resides in the CPU of every machine. This must be constantly checked to ensure that it is complying with the licensing regulations for arcades. Wunderino’s online gambling hall is managed by the well-known Malta Competition Authority in Curacao.

This RNG software generates thousands of numbers per second (from 0 to approx. 4 billion) and the moment you press “Play”, the numbers that were generated at that moment determine the outcome of the game. The software then calculates the profit and shows it to you.

Did you pay attention in math?

In the background there is complicated mathematics and a lot of algorithms that only real experts understand. Aside from testing the RNG software, the money also needs to be properly managed. The authority is also responsible for this.

A brief history of slot machines

The old “one-armed bandits”, or mechanical slot machines, were invented around 1895 and were not particularly complicated. On the side there was a lever that could be used to turn the wheels, which typically displayed fruits or number symbols. The first electronic slot machines appeared in 1964, and have only gotten more interesting and complicated since then.

Wunderino software developer

Wunderino has teamed up with the best software developers in the online game industry. The slot machines have been developed by reputable companies such as the following:

  • NetEnt
  • Evolution gaming
  • RTG
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Mercur Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • NextGen
  • Microgaming

Wunderino slot machine tests

  • Software engineers who concentrate on gaming machines are highly qualified and subject to regulations.
  • The tests are reviewed and subject to strict conditions.
  • Each machine is checked individually – there is no universal solution and no commands on the central server can address all machines at the same time.
  • There are security regulations that require strict identity checks for technicians.
  • Updates can only be installed if encryption keys have been authorized by iGaming monitoring.
  • Changes to these codes would immediately trigger an alarm and decouple the slot machine from the service.
  • Testers also verify that all money managed by the machine is being processed correctly and that it complies with government regulations.

The Wunderino quality promise to the players

The Wunderino arcade has an extremely good reputation thanks to numerous reviewers and players. Wunderino would like to do everything they can to ensure that their reputation remains undamaged and that there are no negative comments. This requires a safe, yet fun, iGaming experience and a seamless and problem-free online gaming environment.

Safe gaming machines through constant expert tests

Wunderino slot machine tests offer a clear conscience, both for the arcade and for the player. The software engineers have sophisticated systems and a GDK (Game Development Kit) with which they can check each of the more than 2500 Wunderino games. Every problem is cataloged and sorted according to urgency. This ensures that the problems are resolved efficiently and quickly.

The GDK has a checklist that checks every element of the machine, from the RNG software to the payout of winnings. The check is carried out continuously, from the first line of code that is written, until the machine is no longer offered at some point.

Can a player cheat while playing online?

The constant Wunderino slot machine testing and the nature of the electronic equipment make cheating next to impossible – but some players have found loopholes as well. It is possible to coordinate the game with a programmer who has access to your machine, but Wunderino machines have built-in detectors which would then likely report an error.

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong – Sod’s Law

What if a user is happily playing and suddenly receives an error message? Then it must be checked immediately whether the user has attempted fraud! The error message will immediately invalidate all games and the user will be banned from the arcade if he has actually tried to cheat.

Can Wunderino cheat on the player?

Yes, definitely, but that would be an extremely good and quick way to lose your reputation! Seasoned online gamers would quickly smell the roast and spread this news. The Wunderino slot machine tests are also there to protect the arcade from allegations.

Wunderino is here to help

If you think there is a problem with a game, you can report the machine to the help desk in case there is a bug that should be investigated. Under the “Support” menu you will find three options – a list of frequently asked questions (and answers!) And live chat or email as a contact option.

The conclusion to Wunderino tests

Wunderino slot machine testing is an ongoing process to guarantee fair and random games. Providing a safe environment for iGaming means more customers. Cheating players and falsifying the results would not go well for long in this day and age of online reviews, blogs and chat groups. Wunderino’s arcade aims to constantly attract new players and increase its membership. Everyone can play fairly and safely at Wunderino!